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Reshape Your Ears, Restore Your Confidence

Dr. Cabin uses various state-of-the-art techniques and a custom-tailored approach to resize, reshape, and enhance the look of your ears.

What Is Otoplasty?

Your ears are very important to the overall balance and harmony of your face. Damage caused to the cosmetic appearance of your ears—whether from developmental disorders, birth defects, or trauma—can cause stress, discomfort, and a lack of self-confidence.

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, refers to any cosmetic surgery that repositions, reshapes, or just overall improves the appearance of your ears. If you’re unhappy with the shape, size, or position of your ears, Dr. Cabin can help.

How It Works

If you’re considering cosmetic ear surgery, it’s important to understand how the procedure works and what it involves. Dr. Cabin prioritizes safety, trust, and satisfaction, which is why he and his team take meticulous care of you before, during, and after your procedure.

Here’s what you can expect from your ear surgery:

Fully Customized Treatment Plan

Following a thorough consultation, Dr. Cabin will tailor a treatment plan to meet your unique needs and aesthetic goals.

Expert Surgical Care

During the surgery, he’ll make precise incisions behind your ears to minimize scarring before reshaping the cartilage and tissue of your ears so you get the symmetry and proportions you want.

Swift Recovery

Recovery will typically span several days. You’ll need to wear bandages to protect the surgical area and promote healing, and you should expect some mild discomfort and swelling—but nothing that you can’t manage with medication.

Most importantly, Dr. Cabin and our expert team will provide you with personalized, easy-to-follow instructions and any necessary medications to ease your discomfort and speed up your recovery.

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Is Otoplasty Right for You?

The goal of otoplasty is to make your ears appear more shapely, natural, and well-proportioned to the rest of your face.

You may be an ideal candidate for ear surgery if you want to:

Reduce the Size of Your Ears

Dr. Cabin can reposition or reduce the size of your prominent ears, bringing your ears closer to your head and restoring natural symmetry and balance to your face.

Restore Balance to Your Face

If you’re seeking to reshape your ears so that they’re in better proportion with your overall face, Dr. Cabin can help. Our expert facial plastic surgeon will recreate the natural folds of your ears and refine their overall contours to get you the symmetry you desire.

Why Choose
Dr. Cabin?

Otoplasty can restore balance and improve the overall appearance of your face. By reshaping and/or repositioning, you can take the attention off your ears by ensuring they’re better proportioned to the rest of your face.

Dr. Jonathan Cabin is one of the top facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Arlington, VA, and Washington, DC, with expertise in otoplasty surgery. As part of his dedication to providing exceptional patient care, Dr. Cabin’s goal is to work closely with you to deliver the exceptional treatment results you deserve.

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What Your Otoplasty Recovery Will Look Like

After your procedure, expect a relatively quick recovery lasting a few days. It's normal to have some slight discomfort and manageable swelling, but don't worry—Dr. Cabin will give you personalized instructions and may suggest medicine to help things go smoothly.

As you keep healing, you'll notice the amazing, natural-looking results of your otoplasty. Your ears will look more balanced with your unique look.

Otoplasty FAQs