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Reduce Your Wrinkles & Reshape Your Face—Naturally

If you want to restore volume, vitality, and youth to your appearance without the use of synthetic fillers, a facial fat grafting procedure with Dr. Cabin may be right for you. Fat grafting uses your body’s own fat and stem cells to reduce and eliminate your wrinkles and reshape your face for natural-looking results that are completely, naturally you.

What Is Facial
Fat Grafting?

Facial fat grafting is a sophisticated technique that uses your body's own fat to rejuvenate and enhance your facial features.

The procedure carefully extracts excess fat from one area of your body—typically the abdomen or thighs—and then precisely injects it into areas of your face that could benefit from more volume or shape.

Benefits of Fat Grafting

This procedure offers you a two-fold benefit by:

  • Restoring youthful fullness to areas of your face that may have lost volume due to aging
  • Using your body's own natural resources to deliver natural, younger-looking results

Dr. Jonathan Cabin's expertise ensures that this process is done with precision and gets you results that look natural and refreshed. Facial fat grafting is an ideal option for those seeking a more youthful appearance without the use of synthetic fillers.

How Facial Fat Grafting Works

Facial fat grafting involves several key steps designed to ensure natural and lasting results. Here’s what you can expect from your fat grafting procedure with Dr. Cabin:

  1. Consultation: Your journey will begin with a thorough consultation with Dr. Jonathan Cabin. He’ll discuss your goals, assess your facial structure, and determine the most suitable areas for enhancement.
  2. Fat Harvesting: Excess fat is gently extracted from areas like your abdomen or thighs using a minimally invasive technique. This is done under local anesthesia, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure.
  3. Purification: The harvested fat is carefully purified to ensure only healthy fat cells are used for the grafting process.
  4. Strategic Injection: Dr. Cabin strategically injects the purified fat into areas that require volume or shape enhancement to get you balanced and natural-looking results.
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Is Facial Fat Grafting Right for You?

Facial fat grafting might be the perfect solution if you're looking to address specific concerns and rejuvenate the appearance of your face. This procedure is especially suitable if you have:

  • A desire to enhance a weak jawline, possibly with neck contouring
  • Acne or traumatic scars
  • Deep or shallow wrinkles that aren't responding to other treatments
  • Deflated look or facial shape due to fat atrophy
  • Hollowing under your eyes, often referred to as "tear troughs"
  • Upper eyelid hollowness ("A-Frame") due to aging or previous surgery

Under Dr. Jonathan Cabin's skillful guidance and facial rejuvenation expertise, facial fat grafting can restore volume, improve contours, and refine your facial features, all using your body's natural resources instead of synthetic fillers.

Why Choose
Dr. Cabin?

By using your body’s own resources, facial fat grafting is a natural way to restore volume and vitality to your facial features. You can minimize wrinkles and bring youthful fullness back to your jaw, neck, cheeks, lips, eye areas, and more.

As a board-certified expert in facial rejuvenation, Dr. Jonathan Cabin is uniquely positioned to maximize the benefits of your facial fat grafting procedure while maintaining a minimally invasive, patient-centered approach. Dr. Cabin’s goal is to help you get the natural-looking, well-proportioned, youthful face you want with the compassionate care you deserve.

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Facial Fat Grafting Recovery

After the procedure, you can expect some mild swelling and bruising. Dr. Cabin's post-operative instructions and guidance will help ensure you a smooth recovery.

As the swelling subsides, your face and its features will look natural, refreshed, and youthful.

Facial Fat Grafting FAQs