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Sculpt a Younger,
More Balanced Face

Buccal fat pads are large collection of fat that can give your face a rounder, “chipmunk” appearance. As you age, this buccal fat can also cause your lower face to look heavy or jowly.

If you want to remove these fat stores and restore balance to your facial features, then a buccal fat reduction with Dr. Cabin can help. Our board-certified, internationally recognized surgeon is an expert in using this minimally invasive, no-scar technique to give your face the leaner, younger, balanced look you want.

What Is Buccal Fat Reduction?

Buccal fat reduction is a specialized, minimally invasive procedure aimed at giving your face a more balanced shape by addressing excess fat in your cheeks.

By carefully making a small incision within your mouth to access the buccal fat pads, Dr. Jonathan Cabin helps patients like you get a more sculpted, natural-looking face free of scarring.

How It Works

During the procedure, Dr. Cabin will make a small incision within the mouth. This discreet, minimally invasive technique allows Dr. Cabin to access the buccal fat pads, which contribute to lower cheek fullness.

Next, Dr. Cabin carefully removes an appropriate amount of excess fat to get the defined, balanced, natural-looking results you want. The incision is then closed, leaving virtually no visible external scars.

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Is Buccal Fat Reduction in Arlington Right for You?

Buccal fat reduction is ideal for individuals seeking a more sculpted, defined facial appearance with diminished fullness in the lower cheeks. If you find that your cheeks appear excessively round or lack definition due to excess buccal fat, this procedure may be suitable for you.

Candidates for buccal fat reduction generally have a stable weight and are in good overall health. Dr. Jonathan Cabin's expert assessment will determine if this procedure aligns with your aesthetic goals. During your consultation, he‘ll discuss your concerns and evaluate your facial structure to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs.

Whether you wish to enhance your natural features or achieve a more sculpted look, buccal fat reduction in Arlington can provide you with the facial definition you desire.

Why Choose
Dr. Cabin?

Buccal fat reduction is the key to getting the refined facial contours you desire. If you've struggled with a round or chubby face despite a healthy lifestyle, cheek augmentation in Arlington can help. By strategically reducing buccal fat, Dr. Cabin sculpts your cheeks for a slimmer, more defined appearance.

As an internationally recognized facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Cabin's approach is all about achieving harmony in your facial features. He customizes the treatment to ensure your cheeks harmonize beautifully with the rest of your face so you get the balanced, natural appearance you desire.

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Buccal Fat
Reduction Recovery

Recovery from buccal fat reduction is generally swift. You may expect some mild swelling and discomfort initially, but these effects are manageable and subside over time. Dr. Cabin will provide specific aftercare instructions to promote a smooth healing process.

As you recover, you'll begin to appreciate the refined, sculpted facial profile that buccal fat reduction can bring.

Buccal Fat Reduction FAQs