Lose the Double Chin With a Deep Neck Lift

After years of working with patients, Dr. Cabin has learned that there are many reasons patients seek facial plastic surgery. From sagging skin to double chins, Jonathan Cabin, MD’s surgical procedures help highlight each individual’s natural beauty. Keep reading to learn how you can lose the double chin with a deep plane facelift and rediscover your confidence today. 

What Is a Deep Neck Lift? 

Neck lifts are designed to contour the neck and lower facial tissues, giving patients a thinner, more defined neck and jawline. Most patients considering the procedure are familiar with the decades-old traditional neck lift, but Dr. Jonathan Cabin offers patients in Arlington a more modern treatment option: the deep neck lift. 

Traditional vs. Deep Neck Lift

Both the traditional and deep neck lifts provide more contoured results, but their methods reveal different looks and meet different goals. Patients should consider their unique needs when deciding whether a neck lift is right for them. 

Using the traditional method, plastic surgeons operate on the top two layers of tissue: the skin and fat. Typically, a doctor creates an incision in the neckline, uses liposuction to remove the fat from the neck and chin area, and removes excess skin to form a new, taut surface. The traditional procedure focuses its efforts on tightening the skin over the muscle layer to reduce the look of sagging skin. Without addressing the deeper muscle beneath the skin, however, traditional neck lifts aren’t as comprehensive as deep neck lifts. 

While traditional neck lifts target the layers of skin and fat above the muscle, deep neck lifts work on a deeper level to provide a more comprehensive treatment. Dr. Cabin’s deep neck lift procedure addresses every layer of the neck, including the structures that sit below the muscle. Tailoring and re-draping the skin and muscle above this new contoured structure reveals softer, more natural-looking results than a traditional neck lift because it addresses all layers of problematic neck tissue simultaneously

By creating this solid, structured base for the skin and muscle of the neck to rest over, the deep neck lift creates a permanent sculpted base contour. While natural aging will always occur – and there’s little we can do to stop this – this sculpted structural base creates a foundation that makes additional, future anti-aging procedures more impactful. This approach also allows a higher degree of flexibility and precision, which can help you curate your neckline to meet your individual goals and needs. 

Lose the Double Chin With a Deep Neck Lift

Treatment for Genetic Tissue Laxity

Deep neck lifts are typically used to treat fullness and heaviness caused by one primary factor: genetics. While many patients may consider neck lifts to be a treatment for older men or women, this is not the case with the deep neck lift. In fact, Jonathan Cabin, MD, routinely treats patients as young as 20 or 30 using the deep neck lift procedure. In fact, isolated deep neck lifts are usually not ideal as patients get older, as they don’t primarily address sagging, aging skin.

Although some tissue laxity can be addressed with a deep neck lift, significant tissue laxity will require additional procedures to address. Deep neck lift patients are not typically looking to turn back the clock on aging; instead, they want to unveil the hidden, natural beauty beneath a heavy, undefined neck typically passed down by one or both parents. Because a deep neck lift targets these deeper structural tissues, this procedure can provide dramatic benefits for younger patients who have never truly felt comfortable with their neck definition

For patients over the age of 40 looking to reduce the effects of aging, a deep neck lift might not be the solution for you. Instead, Dr. Cabin advises that individuals older than 40 may find more benefits with a deep plane facelift, which addresses aging, sagging tissue in both the neck and face more thoroughly in one procedure. In these patients, the deep plane facelift is frequently combined with a deep neck lift, to create an ideal youthful contour.

Procedure & Recovery

When you book your consultation with Dr. Cabin, you’ll meet to discuss your goals and eligibility for the procedure. Once you’re ready to move forward, the Jonathan Cabin, MD, team will schedule you for your deep neck lift. 

During the operation, Dr. Cabin will begin by making a discreet incision in a pre-existing, natural crease hidden under your chin. He will then use this access point to contour all the layers of the neck to fit the goals outlined in your consultation. This procedure normally takes two-to-three hours to complete, depending on your unique needs. Other procedures commonly performed with a deep neck lift, such as buccal fat reduction and facial fat grafting, can add some additional time to the procedure.

Because the deep neck lift procedure requires deep sedation or general anesthesia, we require having a friend or family member stay with you overnight to ensure you remain safe as your anesthesia wears off. Should you not have someone available or prefer to recover more privately, Dr. Cabin works with several private nurses who can be hired to care for you after your surgery. You should follow all instructions provided by Dr. Cabin, including taking the prescribed medications, sleeping in a specific position on your back and attending follow-up appointments. You can expect to see bruising and swelling in the neck area for the next few weeks, but this is a natural part of the healing process. 

Be sure to consult with Dr. Cabin before returning to your normal work or exercise routine, as the recovery timeline may look much different from person to person. 

Lose the Double Chin With a Deep Neck Lift

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Life is too short to feel uncomfortable with the vision in the mirror. Choosing to get a deep neck lift with Jonathan Cabin, MD, can help you take back your confidence and enjoy the hidden natural beauty beneath a double chin. If you’re ready to get started, contact our team in Arlington today!