Concierge Laceration Repair

Dr. Cabin provides a 24-hour laceration repair service, in the office and in patient’s homes, that allows patients to avoid a trip to the emergency room.

During this COVID pandemic, this allows otherwise healthy patients to avoid overwhelmed emergency rooms, and potential exposure to COVID patients. It can also serve to ease the burden on these emergency rooms.

Repair can be performed in adults and children as young as 6-months old.

Pre-screening is always required to determine whether the laceration can be repaired remotely, or whether a hospital is required for more complex issues (for example, damage to vital structures like nerves).

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Cabin provides meticulous closure of incisions in order to minimize scarring and maximize cosmetic result. By using small, carefully placed stitches in a multi-layer closure, Dr. Cabin can turn even a large injury into a nearly invisible, long-term result.

Various forms of trauma can result in lacerations, or cuts, that require stitches to be placed. Because the body begins to heal quickly, for optimal healing there is a limited time window for surgical repair. As such, many patients end up in the emergency room, only to wait for hours to have stitches places by a general emergency room doctor with no specialized surgical training.

Dr. Cabin believes that post-surgical care is paramount to ideal healing. Included in this service are detailed post-care instructions, along with all materials needed, such as antibiotic prescriptions, specialized ointments, cleansing solution and bandages. Dr. Cabin also sees every patient at each follow up, removing sutures and examining the wounds to ensure optimal healing.

Please contact us via phone at 703-718-4411 if you have laceration that requires treatment. If you receive our after-hours message, please press “1” to indicate that this is an urgent issue so you will be put through immediately.