Restore Your Hair with Dr. Cabin - Your Hair Loss Doctor in Arlington VA

If you're looking to restore thinning hair or maintain your current hair health, Dr. Cabin can assist. His expertise and comprehensive patient care approach provide advanced procedures to help restore your hair and confidence.

About Hair Restoration

Hair restoration involves various innovative techniques to address hair thinning, loss, and overall hair health. Our goal is to provide options that suit your preferences, helping you achieve the hair you desire. Techniques include advanced injections that promote hair growth and enhance density, offering minimally invasive and impressive results. Our approach is personalized for men, women, and non-binary individuals.

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How Injections Can Help

Injections around scalp follicles fortify active follicles while stimulating inactive ones to grow new hair. Dr. Cabin’s injections are safe and easy for achieving natural results. Using microneedle injections throughout hair-deficient scalp areas, performed three times over three months, results in optimal permanent hair growth, leading to healthier hair.

Can Hair Growth Injections Work for You?

You might be an ideal candidate for our innovative hair growth injection procedures if you’ve noticed thinning hair or hair loss due to genetics, hormonal changes, or other factors. These minimally invasive treatments suit men, women, and non-binary individuals looking to enhance hair density and promote regrowth. You should be in good health to receive injections. Dr. Cabin will assess your medical history, evaluate your hair condition, and discuss your expectations to determine suitability.


After our hair growth injection procedure, expect a swift recovery. Your hair loss doctor in Arlington, VA, Dr. Cabin, provides specific aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and hair regrowth. Most patients experience minimal discomfort and can resume daily activities almost immediately. Mild redness or tenderness at the injection sites typically subsides within a day or two. Results are gradual, noticeable over a few months, improving hair thickness, volume, and overall quality. The solution stimulates follicles, encouraging new growth and enhancing existing strands, resulting in a fuller head of hair. Individual results may vary based on hair loss extent and treatment response.

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